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Three Things I Learned As A Beginner At A Costa Rica Surf Camp

Blue Trailz Surf Camp Tamarindo Costa Rica

When I first arrived in Tamarindo, Costa Rica I wasn’t sure if me + surfing would mesh well together. I’m from London after all, where my nearest body of water is the river Thames - and that’s full of old trash and dank water, not smooth breaks in tropical seas. I’d previously never surfed in my life prior to arriving in Tamarindo, but once I enrolled for lessons at my Costa Rica surf camp and began practising, I was pleasantly surprised to find that actually, surfing is very achievable for me. After one lesson I was standing and riding my board all the way to the end of some (baby) waves. But whilst surfing is incredibly addictive - and therapeutic too, might I add - I’ve still got a lot to learn. Here’s what I learned as a beginner so far...

1. Forget what you know about other sports

My instructor at Blue Trailz told me early on to forget all that I know about running, weightlifting, snowboarding and other exercise that people commonly associate with surfing. Apparently, surfers use pretty much their whole body when they move in the water, so exercises that isolate and tone one area aren’t much good to you on the waves. Sorry!

2. If you can’t paddle, you can’t surf

When you first start out surfing, your instructor will push you through the water to help you catch the waves. This is so you can focus on getting up off your board and balancing, but also because you probably can’t paddle very well. When you progress to the stage in which you need to catch your own waves, things get harder. Why? Because what no-one tells you about surfing is that it’s all about your paddle, people. My Blue Trailz instructor told me that paddling is vital for all surfers. This is because they need to build speed in the water when a wave is approaching so they’re in the right position to glide to the end and stay on their board - otherwise they’ll be engulfed by the waves! So basically, before you go it alone you’ll definitely need to practice that front-crawl…

3. Protect yourself

I didn’t anticipate before enrolling at my Costa Rica surf camp, that I would acquire a few bruises. But you really need to ensure that you have your wits about you at *all* times when surfing. My instructor was helpful in teaching me how to read the water, as well as surf on it. I was told how to spot big waves approaching and also, that if I find myself under water in a huge wave, I should tuck my face into my knees and protect my head above all else. I also learned to hold the board above my head and duck beneath the waves when a huge break approaches, so the water washes over me rather than taking me along with it. Surfing can be intense at times, but I feel more ready than ever for my next lesson now…

Ready to learn to surf under the guise of an expert, bilingual instructor? Blue Trailz offers surf lessons and surf packages for surfers of every level. Our surf packages include accommodation in either Blue Trailz Hostel (as part of the Surf Camp package) or a local, boutique hotel (Luxury Surf Vacations)

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