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5 Ways To Save Money Whilst Staying At A Tamarindo Hostel

The paradisaical town of Tamarindo is sun-drenched and photo-friendly although it can be just a little bit pricey… However backpackers far and wide will tell you that it’s definitely worth it; the serene wildlife, pumping nightlife and backpacker-vibe draw thousands of tourists into the area all year around. But a money-saving tip or two? Yeah, that might be useful here too. When booking your Tamarindo hostel our advice below should help you find a way to live it up on your vay-cay without completely bankrupting yourself. But if not, don’t forget that a stay at the fully-equipped Blue Trailz hostel is another way to be super-kind to your wallet too… Here are 5 ways to save money whilst staying at a Tamarindo hostel.

1. Make Use Of Those Happy Hours

All those street signs advertising cocktail deals and cheaper food before a certain time? Yeah, you should probably pay attention to them, as they’re one guaranteed way to reduce your spending and still ensure that you have a good time, whilst staying at your Tamarindo hostel. A couple of good spots for doing this include; Sharky’s (the American bar has a discount on chicken wings and all cocktails before 7pm each day) and Wild Panda (a great bar with local food and 2 for 1 drinks promotions on cocktails every day, all day). However, if you miss the happy hours, there’s always Ladies Night for the, erm, ladies to stock up on free drinks. And if you’re a guy, chances are some of this liquor will flow your way (if you play your cards right that is).

2. Stock Up On Street Food

Tamarindo is full of tasty snacks, cooked outdoors every day by the locals. And there’s no better way to experience a new country than to sample the delicacies on offer with its street food. For around $2 you can try a spicy chicken kebab in a fresh corn tortilla, or, go Western and order something fried and crispy. There’s also tasty Costa Rican dishes from Tamarindo’s legendary “Truck Lady”, who pulls up outside the police station every day from 12-2pm with some variation of hot rice, beans, plantain and meat, a copious lunch for just $5.

3. Book Smart

In order to secure the best tour, accommodation or surf deals at your Tamarindo hostel, it’s always better to book direct on the hostel website than through a third party booking site. This is because third party sites often add sales tax onto their prices, pushing your price up by a whopping 13%. Booking smart could also encompass choosing package deals, like the great value Surf Camps at Blue Trailz which combine a hostel stay with expert-led surf lessons. A stay at your Tamarindo hostel in September/October is also another great way to cut costs as it’s low season and most activities and stays are cheaper. 4. Cook And Eat Like A Local Eating out in Costa Rica is hella-delicious...but eating out three meals a day can put a dent in the budget. So if you’re in a hostel with cooking facilities then why not prep a couple of meals for yourself? Release the chef within you and try out these delicious Latin recipes or your favorite dishes from back home, It will definitely be a wallet-friendly way to make your money stretch just that little bit further. Unfortunately, not every Tamarindo hostel will have an area for making your own food (but Blue Trailz does, FYI), so do your research before you book if you want to cut back on costs this way.

5. Sightsee... On Foot

Tamarindo is a spectacular place to explore on foot. Ask a local for the best place to spot monkeys (there’s loads in the area and we even sometimes have them at the hostel) or, watch the sunset on any one of the town’s stunning beaches (that’s free too)!

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